Wednesday, September 24, 2014

working title: "Budapest"

I've started working on a new series in March, shooting large format
urban landscape photographs of Budapest. My aim is to capture this post-sovetic
city and create the portrait of my native capital.

A forest path in the 17th district suburb of Budapest. Many homeless people set out
for these "no man's land" spaces to create their houses. Two years ago a main homeless "settlement" 
was destroyed in this forest, forcing the owners to move on and occupy other territories, not solving their living or housing problems.

Car park behind Nyugati ter, West-End shopping mall.
A main parlamentary proprety development was planned to be created
at this spot, but was never built. Such empty spaces in town are very common,
and are used as makeshift car parks to create income without much development.

National Railway spaces behind Nyugati ter.

Illegal waste deposit in the 16th district, East-Pest. 
Forbidden disposal of waste is a very common and unfortunately uncontrolled
problem in the suburbs of the city.

Typical 60's housing at Ujpalota, 17th district, Budapest. 
As seen in many sovietic countries, these masses 
of flats were built as a response to the huge demand of properties after World War 2.

All images are copyrighted © Ildiko PETER, 2014.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Exhibition: Borders at Faur Zsofi Gallery

My Borders series is on display at Faur Zsofi Gallery, Budapest.
An audio soundtrack, containing nine interviews is included with the photographic series.
For more info, go to read about the series on my website: