Thursday, August 7, 2014

soap making

well, in the meantime (in the past two years :), I became a soap-maker.
I use natural ingredients, such as shea-butter, cocoa-butter and olive oil.
It's quite a natural chemistry, learning what to use and to mix to suit different skin or
hair types, to create shampoo-soap or soap hand washing. 
I studied a few books and I create my own recipes
based on learned knowledge and practical experience.

I've created around a dozen recipes and keep making new ones each month!

here: (top) soap with cocoa and chocolate, soap with sea-salt, (bottom left)
lavender-soap with shea butter and almond oil, (in the middle) soap with goat milk and soap 
with chamomile (for sensitive and baby skin) and shampoo soap for dry hair (bottom right).