Friday, November 2, 2012

RIBA pictures

it's been in june. it's been a long time ago. i have been busy as ever since. but is started the post-production of this mega-work, my Royal Institute of British Architects grant.
3 weeks around Northern England, shooting 4x5 inch. Great!
so i'll be posting some images - the google street view, which dates usually several years back (2008/9/10) and represents mostly a different scene compared to the image i've shot in june 2012. That's what i am saying. that's why i am shooting.
it's changing, here, now.

#2_053. Manchester / Albion Street, England, United Kingdom

and again: even the post-prod is not ready, even my post-writing work is not ready, i was asked to present a few images of the series in an exhibition in Budapest, on the occassion of the month of photography - and i did not refuse, even if i thought it was too early still...
the place is called defo labor - a laboratory / workspace / gallery for architects! not a better place for my images. so, together with a different photographer, who also shoots architecture, only that it's in a completely different approach, we are doing an exhibition.
opening monday 5th november.
until 30th november 2012.

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