Tuesday, September 25, 2012

summer 2012 / fellini culture bistro

so what is fellini?
Fellini is also a name to a hungarian bar - by the Danube
river, close to Budapest. Romai Kulturbisztro.
you go there to chill, look at the water, 
and listen to great music (live or from cd)
nice place! will be my favourite next year!

ok. here only showing that to get there, it is 20 km from my house.
and roads / streets in hungary are bad. not that bad,
just patch-work bad.

ha! idill.. men fishing. talking. cooking.
(the famous fish-soup i guess!)
what a sunday!
viewn from the railway bridge

arrived!!! so what are we drinking?

coffee and lemonade!

spot for tree/bike/family/dogs/lying around

ohhh and the beach!

and even my bike made friends here :)

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