Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Video : Steidlville

Steidlville from Ildiko Peter on Vimeo.

Have you wondered what is it like in Steidlville?
Well, this is a personal insight, shot with a Canon 5DII, of how the printing goes and the faces behind the scenes.
Shot in April 2012.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Chambres Secretes by Hachette

Surprise surprise!
May is starting well, as I have just received
two copies of the French guidebook
"Chambres Secretes", edited and published
by Hachette, and I have a double
page inside it, with my photos of
"La Grenouillere", the famous Michelin-starred
restaurant of Alexandre Gauthier.
As I was commisioned last year to make photographs
of the newly rebuilt place - amazing architecture
and concept - my love for great food and exciting design
all under one roof!

Click here to access Grenouillere's website
which are made of my photographs,
and of course Alexandre also used my images
for press and media usage, to be published in Wallpaper,
Elle and numerous other magazines.

And here is the link for the guidebook's website

Oh, lovely May and soooo great to be back to
freelancing again!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

documenting Steidl

I have now uploaded some images of the process of book-making
at Steidl, here are some, andc lick here to view the whole story
in my folder of October 2011.

@ Steidl, Goettingen, 2011.

Friday, May 4, 2012

return to sender . . .

yes, i have quit steidl. so finally, new life begins,
or back to my old life - and that 
means i'll have time to update my blog!

so this is the first image : i have made scans
of some of the post i received while at steidl.

more images will follow, of books,
printing, the office, the artfairs, all.