Friday, July 15, 2011


sorry from everyone that i have been away for a while...although i have been busy shooting, just did not have time to update and upload and actually make my images visible here..
i`ve been in barcelona, in amsterdam, now in budapest, then in germany, and many times in the north of france during these past few many many pictures have been made, and i was also shooting some commercial pictures for a restaurant.

i`ll be better and post some good selection soon!

good holidays for everyone!! summer`s hot here!!

"Last flowers of Paris"

my solo exhibition: Works&Projects at Nessim Gallery

the invitation:

and images from the exhibition:

I present two series: Looking for k, and Constructions and Spaces,
exactly the same images as were presented in 2010 in the Hungarian Cultural Institute of Paris, France.
And at the same time, this is my first solo show in Hungary. So you`re welcome to see!
It is on until the 30th of July 2011.