Friday, January 21, 2011

winter in austria

so, finally, here are the film images from 
the winter snow experience from the alps.
i got them developed last week when i came back to france.


I took these images with my Hasselblad 500 CM
with my Planar 80mm lens, the camera
hanging down on my chest,
inside my jacket, and in one pocket my 
Sekonic lightmeter, as i snowboarded down 
the slopes, and stopped very
often to take pictures.

I even climbed up, leaving my board behind,
or walked into the forest, lying down the snow,
looking up at treetops, breathing in the calmness,
the cold, reflecting about the passing year.

I was fascinated by the power of elements, 
the power of nature: freezing cold, strong wind, 
the frozen trees, the frozen life...


-15C, strong wind,
sometimes poor visibility (due to fog).
Austria, Oetscher, Lackenhof.

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