Thursday, September 9, 2010

* mushrooms *

Russula furcata
(dioizu galambgomba)

on an early day in august, at the eastern part of hungary, where my gran lives, i woke up, and went to see Nature. I missed nature so much after spending nearly a year in Paris, the big metropolis, that i could just lie down on the forest floor and stay there not moving for hours, even fall asleep - - - until a bear would come andeat me (there are rarely, or not at all any bears in hungary). i started to photograph the forest also. will show some pictures later. but today: it`s mushies!!
as i was walking in the forest, i could see these creatures, all different, all amazing,
colourful, red, green, brown yellow... i started to collect them.
and then i become a mushroom maniac. so i read a book, comparing pictures w the real mushrooms, which are edible, which are not. walking in the forest is already great. and i then i became so addicted,
i went several times back, to different places. we finally did cook and eat some, and also dried some.
i will tell you which ones - but please don`t take this as a reference, but go and see a specialist!
mushrooms are dangerous, some even lethal, so bevare of eating them without knowledge!

so here you go, my lovely mushrooms: (names are in hungarian and latin!)

"Boletus edulis" (or similar type boletus)

(varganya vagy valami mas tinoru-fele)

"Ditocybe gibba" ?
(i`m not certain about this one)

"Russula alutacea" 
(or the non-edible "emetica" type which
causes diarrhea)

some type of "Russula" maybe


"Russula delica"
foldtolo gomba 

Some type of "Russula" ?
galambgomba - probably edible, as you can see
some animal has already started it ! 
- but it is not always a good clue.

"Russula alutacea" 
(or the non-edible emetica type which
causes diarrhea)

? maybe "Lepiota procera"(edible)
or some type from the "Amanita" family

"Clitocybe tabescens" - 
csupros tuskogomba
edible. maintly the hat, not the trunk bit.
exists in big groups.

this is the lethal "Amanida phalloides". 
it looked so beautiful
that it warned me and did not pick it.

the collection before selection


and a second time, 8 weeks later, late in october,
we gathered some different mushrooms
(i`ve added these images to this post)

"Clitocybe tabescens"
edible. maintly the hat, not the trunk bit.
exists in big groups.


?  my suggestions:
"Collybia peronata" / or 
"collybia dryophila"
even if edible, not very good,
there has not much value
(according to my mushroom-book)

Ramaria flava or romaria farmosa
(the first is edible, the second is not)

Craterellus cornucopioides
(trombita gomba)
delicious - edible
when dried, can be used as a "spice"
nearly as valuable as truffel,
or use it freshly 
cooked, sauted in butter

probably this is the deadly
"Omphalotus dearius",
very similar to the edible and very good
"Cantharellus cibarius" type


Nature is so beautiful!


  1. Hello!!
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