Friday, August 13, 2010

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Trip to CPH, July

I visited my dear musician friend, Jakob, in Copenhagen this July. We went from Paris, to CPH by car, a trip of 1200 kms, taking the ferry from Rostock, Germany to Gedser, Denmark. 

some lost objects in the canal: absolut vodka bottle, and a bike: there are so many bikes in CPH, that you can even find one in the water. And noone steels bikes, as everyone has one already.

This lake is in an old and beautiful cemetery. What a nice place to rest.

Jakob`s place.

the sea, on the way home.


i have been documenting the beds i slept in in the past one year.
i have switched places quite often, sometimes i moved every week to a new room.
here is a little selection for you.

room with a view - jaures - february

some recently scanned pictures from my "room with a view" series.
this was back in february, Stenczer Sari`s place, where i stayed for one month.
enjoy. i really like these pictures.

new project idea

as i`m in love with being on the road, and i admire truckdrivers' life: the constant "on the road" thing,
i had this idea for a long time now to do a series on their life. this could be the first image.
anyone has a long distance driver friend, to whose truck i could pop in?
and just go along with them, travel, stop, wait, kilometers run by, stop, wait.... again and again.

on the road

various photos from the road - in the past few months.
the first one: on the way home from paris to budapest, mid-december. fresh snow on the road in the morning.
second: probably from april? the same road, the endless 1600 kms through germany, austria, hungary.
third: going down to my gran`s village in hungary.
when you`re on the road: it`s the being nowhere status.