Sunday, May 2, 2010

room with a view - gambetta - march - april - may

this is where i am staying right now! the most lovely place, with my friendly flatmate, 2 rooms and a lounge, corridor, kitchen and all the luxury.. 6th floor, full sunshine. at last, i have found a good place, so this is not a preoccupation any more.

my room...

the flowers that i planted: narcissus and jasmin!

ohh..and the magnific view. if you look out of the window
and look right, this is the view! so i can check
every morning if the eiffel tower is still there,
and figure out, some mornings it disappears 
(when there is some mist, or low clouds!)

the gorgeous kitchen! those bottles are mainly
oils and vinegars..

 the view from the kitchen window. beautiful clouds!

and our big friend Panda on the fridge, who always eats the
last bit of the Nutella jar! Bandit Panda!!! 

farniente in the lounge. unfortunately, i do not have much time
to lie around in the hammoc. and once you lie in it,
there`s a big chance you can`t get out!

thank you dear flatmate and owner Romain...

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