Sunday, February 14, 2010

why a blog? i have been writing about my stay in paris entitled '' the trip '' for more than 6 months, since i first moved back here at the end of july 2009. this has been a big change for me,
mentally, even if i did live in paris for 2 yers before, so i kind of had an idea. but still. i have been writing as it`s important for me to put down my ideas, my thoughts, the way i see what is happening around me and to me. when i look back to what i have written 9 years ago, it stunnes me that i already perceived the world in the same way, i already had the same values with which i perceive the world and the people within. so this is about the writing bit.

and then for the pictures, i am keen to put and share pictures which are in the phase of ''being made'', nothing ready yet, i wouldn`t put them into series yet, but they are still forming into one.
thank you for your feedback at any time.
take care, ildiko

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