Sunday, February 28, 2010

from the series home sweet home - this winter 2009/2010

near my grandmother`s village, this winter, when i was at home for 5 weeks from mid-december to mid january. this is a new series i am working on, when i get home. i do miss seeing landscapes a lot. i am all the time surrounded by the city. walls. buildings. small room. noisy neighbours. crap on the streets. 
i went for a walk in the parc of buttes chaumont, and i sat down just to gaze at the trees - my mind and sight completely blurred, as i tried to get in the green and brown and wetness and smell of the trees. 
i thought i will go soon to bretagne, to lorient, to visit my friend sophie, apparently you can see the atlantic ocean from her window (lorient is by the seaside). and besides, i know someone who`s dad is a famous baker there - even though i can`t eat normal bread - but maybe some macarons. 
miss home, miss the green, miss the landscape. miss nature incredibly very much!

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