Sunday, February 28, 2010

from the series home sweet home - this winter 2009/2010

near my grandmother`s village, this winter, when i was at home for 5 weeks from mid-december to mid january. this is a new series i am working on, when i get home. i do miss seeing landscapes a lot. i am all the time surrounded by the city. walls. buildings. small room. noisy neighbours. crap on the streets. 
i went for a walk in the parc of buttes chaumont, and i sat down just to gaze at the trees - my mind and sight completely blurred, as i tried to get in the green and brown and wetness and smell of the trees. 
i thought i will go soon to bretagne, to lorient, to visit my friend sophie, apparently you can see the atlantic ocean from her window (lorient is by the seaside). and besides, i know someone who`s dad is a famous baker there - even though i can`t eat normal bread - but maybe some macarons. 
miss home, miss the green, miss the landscape. miss nature incredibly very much!

room with a view - 2nd week - porte de clignancourt

this is where i stayed on the second week, from 1st february. porte de clignancourt, in the north, what a lovely place! full of bad boys walking around and doing nothing, full of people, full of cars. the appartment was on the 7th floor, nice view on the northern suburs, overlooking the 2x6 junction and the boulvard peripherique. even though pierre left me the room really messy (he is a handsome but messy boy of my age), i loved staying there, as xavier is one of my best friends - we`ve known each other back in 2000 at the sorbonne`s art faculty, and even though we lost each other from sight for a few years, we had the luck to bump each other on an exhibition opening. xavier`s flatmate has gone skiing, and i was in need of a place to stay, so i could occupy pierre`s room. we had fun time that week, i still miss it, and i go over to there place from time to time to make crepes or just watch some spongebob. i am here at the moment using the washing machine as i don`t have one at the place where i am staying.
thank you pirou et xav! 

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

room with a view -1st week - brochant 18e

this is where i stayed between 1st - 13th december 2009, and also one week in january.
these photographs are also part of my series "looking for k." i know, i know, quite dark, 

looking for k...

from my series "looking for k."(28 images) currently exhibited in the hungarian institute in paris.
black and white ilford hp400 pushed to 1600 iso - for the technical people.

what i`m missing is ...

pure winter from hometown budapest, in the suburb of the 16th-17th district! naplas to! 

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

room with a view - jaures - week 4th - onward

We can never go home

We no longer have one
I'll help you carry the load
I'll carry you in my arms
The kiss of the snow
The crescent moon above us
Our blood is cold
And we're alone
But I'm alone with you

Help me to carry the fire
We will keep it alight together
Help me to carry the fire
It will light our way forever

If I say shut your eyes
If I say look away
Bury your face in my shoulder
Think of a birthday
The things you put in your head
They will stay here forever
Our blood is cold
And we're alone, love
But I'm alone with you

Help me to carry the fire
We will keep it alight together
Help me to carry the fire
It will light our way forever

Help me to carry the fire
We will keep it alight together
Now help me to carry the fire
It will light up our way forever

If I say shut your eyes
If I say shut your eyes
Bury me in suprise
Where I say shut your eyes

Help me to carry the fire
We will keep it alight together
Help me carry the fire
It will light our way forever


i have to say that i am largely inspired by music, or that is what fills me day to day
with life... unless...
so i have to add the great songs i`ve been listening to lately. and very much, almost every day.
cause once i start, i cannot get enough. it`s like a drug to me.

New Moon (The Meadow) by Alexandre Desplat and the whole The Twilight Saga: New Moon Soundtrack (yes, i know. but great piano there!!!)
Full moon from the 1st film soundtrack...possibility from the 2nd...
and also Debussy (have purchased the solo piano all works set)
and Bill Evans from the album Left to Right
and Arctic Monkeys: When the sun goes down
and The Partiotic Sunday - a nice french group i`ve discovered recently thanks to my friend Xavier
and and and...

these are the songs i wake up with, the songs that keep me go through the endless evenings,
without end, i listen to them.
and for sunday afternoon cooking, listen to some mozart. that`s great.
and a cheer and loveful start of the day: Nina Simone Love me or leave me

good night, will post the places i`ve been living in the past few weeks soon.
have moved every weekend for the last 3 weeks.
and good night. and wish the neighbours were quieter...

exhibiton opening on the 22nd january 2010 in paris

my friend Xav (on the right from the back) with his friends

my posters

Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy valentine

thank you lovely friends for this afternoon. i`m much happier now ;0)
bisous a tous et a bientot bob, pauline, xav et pirou x
why a blog? i have been writing about my stay in paris entitled '' the trip '' for more than 6 months, since i first moved back here at the end of july 2009. this has been a big change for me,
mentally, even if i did live in paris for 2 yers before, so i kind of had an idea. but still. i have been writing as it`s important for me to put down my ideas, my thoughts, the way i see what is happening around me and to me. when i look back to what i have written 9 years ago, it stunnes me that i already perceived the world in the same way, i already had the same values with which i perceive the world and the people within. so this is about the writing bit.

and then for the pictures, i am keen to put and share pictures which are in the phase of ''being made'', nothing ready yet, i wouldn`t put them into series yet, but they are still forming into one.
thank you for your feedback at any time.
take care, ildiko
a bouquet of white tulips dying in my old room where I stayed for one week. since then, i moved to porte clignancourt,
to xavier`s place, and now i am at jaures. i have decided to make a series '' room with a view", sort of monochromes,
on colour slide, documenting the places i live in. and so this is my first blog picture. enjoy!